Cloth Diaper Repairs

If you need cloth repairs, I’m your girl!
I’m experienced, highly recommended, and have a love of fluff!
But first, let me take you to the beginning of my journey with cloth:

I scored a nice little lot of diapers when my daughter was 6 months old.  Until that point, I used Flips by Cottonbabies and I LOVED THEM! They worked very well for our family.  Inserts, not changing a cover until poop happened, being able to wipe it out after pee, there wasn’t a ton of laundry, and not an insane amount of money invested in my stash. So…I really wanted to try some pocket diapers which led to me joining some B/S/T pages and found a lot of 7 diapers that were absolutely pitiful…but it was only $30. SCORE!

By this picture, I had only pulled off hook and loop. I knew they needed to be snap converted and I contacted a local mama about snap converting them since I have nothing to perform this with.  It was not going to be worth her time or mine to have her do it. So I ordered my snap pliers and some white snaps. I did not care at that point if they matched. I just wanted function. And check out those elastics! Yep, gone. So between nap times, I completed my diapers and added more to my stash.

My daughter and the repaired cloth diapers!

I honestly did not love my pockets like I thought I would.  I preferred them when we went out to town or she was with someone else because it acted like a “sposie” at that point and no one had to mess with inserts. And I was kind of the same with AIOs. I loved them and they absorbed a lot, but nothing compared to the hybrids (like my Flips were).

cloth diaper repairs

Flash forward to 2019, and I’m still repairing cloth diapers for my son! But this time, I ventured out this time and found a love for GroVia, Smart Bottoms, & Thirsties. What worked for sissy didn’t work for brother (but I really wish I would have found Grovia sooner)!

Here’s the cute little stinker who is rocking his Grovia AIO and growing like a weed!

So here’s my Price & Policies List.

Please read the document. It will make things go much smoother for you and me! Then you can contact me to get set up on the schedule or to ask any questions.  Also, feel free to check me out on Facebook for reviews and/or to chitchat with me 😉
P.S. I love Facebook chat for this reason. Its easy, pretty quick communication with clients. This is really beneficial when we begin to work on your order!