Why To Cloth Diaper

Why to Cloth Diaper

Have you been thinking about why you should or shouldn’t use cloth diapers? I’m here to give you reasons why to cloth diaper.

Maybe you just don’t know why you should do it or maybe a friend pointed you to this post for you to see how amazing it is. Who knows? But I care that you are here! If you’ve been reading all about cloth diapers and found an overwhelming amount of information that has your head spinning, perhaps you should go back to the “why’s” to give yourself clarity.

save money.

Totally my main reason. I wanted to be a stay at home mom before we even had children and when it was time, it was going to be near impossible to afford disposable diapers (even with my insane couponing skills at that time). With a husband working full time and a small income for a family of 3, looking back now, I don’t know how we afforded all we did but we did it! I credit saving money by using cloth diapers as a major reason we did make it. Sure, all those beautiful limited edition prints screamed “buy me!” but I resisted. So if you’re broke, believe me (and a number of other moms), we’ve been there.

saving earth.

If you’re all for saving Earth and producing (or wanting to) less waste, then cloth diapers may be right for your family. It opened my eyes to see how much waste we really did. Why throw away when you can reuse? Cloth diapering gave me complete insight to how wasteful we were really being. We wash and reuse towels, clothes, and dishes so why not do diapers the same way?

Baby’s skin.

And we all know how precious tiny newborn skin really is. We lotion it up and try not to bathe it as little as possible to keep it protected and safe. Did you know disposable diapers can create rashes? Think about the name: diaper rash. Did you know I treated for diaper rash 2 times in 2 years of using cloth and never once had an issue in cloth diapers? Yeah. So disposables were my diaper rash source. I noticed my tiny newborn’s bottom was looking red. I grab some desitin (that was a baby shower gift) and that was a major mistake because it turned it really red. We had 2 cases of diaper rash and it was NEVER in cloth diapers. It was during newborn days and on vacation when we didn’t do cloth diapers.

Let me guide you and break these “why’s” down for you in this 4 day email sequence. You can take in this information nice and slow while talking about it with your significant other. If you chose not to take the cloth diapering journey, no worries! If you do and your significant other doesn’t jump on board as quick as you do, don’t worry because mine didn’t either. I did all the “dirty” work (poop and laundry) of cloth diapers while our wallets, the environment, and my daughter reaped all the benefits to them. Believe me, you’re going want to see this info as to why to cloth diaper!

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