Why are my cloth diapers leaking?!

cloth diapers leaking

are your cloth diapers leaking?

Well first let me say, that’s not good at all. But lets walk through and troubleshoot some potential problems.

cloth diapers leaking


Are your inserts not absorbing or leaking?

First, examine your fabric. Microfiber inserts can hold a lot of pee, but one squish of the bum (sitting down or picking up baby), and it will leak. This is called compression leaks. Microfiber will hold a lot and even past its point but as soon as compression happens, you will have a leak.
Second, let’s go back to fabric softener and dryer sheets. If this has been used, it will repeal water from the inserts and not let them hold it.

Are your elastics measuring good?

If your cloth diaper elastics are shot, then you’ll definitely get leaks. I’ve had moms who are barely off on measurements and still have bad leaks.
You can check out good measurements for GroVia diapers –> here.
And you can check out how to use your sense to check diaper elastics –> here.

Did someone accidently use fabric softener or dryer sheets in with you diapers?

This is a huge “no! no!” Fabric softener and dryer sheets coat your diapers so they can’t absorb. Which in return, gives you leaks.
If you suspect this is the problems then you need to strip your diapers. You can find out how to do that –> here.

do you have a “super soaker” baby?

“Super soaker” is a term used to describe a baby who can pee a ton.
If you do have a super soaker, then you probably need to change more often or try using more natural fiber inserts such as hemp, cotton, bamboo. These fabrics tend to absorb a lot more so than man made polyester fabrics like microfiber.
Also, flour sack towels (FST) can be your friend as a booster in your diaper. They may not look like much but I promise, they hold a ton of pee once prepped and they’re cheap!

(I had a super soaker and the only things that really worked for us was FST and natural fiber inserts.)

 is your waterproofing fabric in good shape?

This is your TPU or PUL which is a laminated fabric to prevent fluids from coming out of the diaper. Here’s a picture of perfect TPU & PUL:

cloth diapers leaking





(minus the bad elastic laying on the diaper)

If you can examine your TPU or PUL:

Is it delaminating like this picture?

cloth diapers leaking







Are pieces torn in the diapers TPU or PUL?

Is the waterproof fabric on the outside picked or have some snags in it?

Or is it just completely gone like this one below?

cloth diapers leaking








If you think your elastics may be an issue, you can check out my repair services –> here.

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