How to Shave a Grovia Diaper Panel

Shaving Grovia Diaper Panel Aplix

So today let’s talk about shaving that Grovia Diaper panel on hook and loop closures.

It’s super easy to do and a lot of people have asked me how to shave the Grovia diaper panel and I’m totally going to teach you today!

So hook & loop diapers are pretty awesome for diapering newborns.
Not so much when you have a 14 month old streaker… am I right?

Heck, my daughter figured out how to rip the snaps off at that age.  Fun times… and then out came the onesies! Boom! can’t get that off kid!

Okay…Let’s get down to business.

If the Grovia diaper’s hook pieces are not sticky, first check those and make sure there’s no hair or lint in there. If there is, get it out the best you can. Now, check the diaper panel. How fuzzy is it? A lot? Little? Well let’s try this anyway to eliminate that being an issue. And if it works better afterwards, you might not need that diaper converted just yet! But if you do, I’m here.


  • Cheap razor
  • Something to use under for pressure
  • Lint roller or tape (or whatever you need to do to clean it off)


  1. Put whatever you’re using (to apply pressure with) under the diaper.
  2. Gently with very little pressure, begin shaving with the grain of the diaper fabric.
  3. Roll the lint off from shaving and keep doing it until it’s all gone.
  4. TA-DA! Free of fuzzies!

Are you a visual person like me?

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And so everyone knows:
This post only applies to Grovia diapers.  A Grovia diaper panel is designed differently than a loop strip like bumgenius, flip cover, bestbottom, thirsties, etc. hook and loop closures. The panel on the top part of the Grovia diaper is loop material.
**NOTE: If you do have another brand with a loop strip, I always recommend cleaning the hook parts out on them too to see if that helps. Plus side, I can replace all pieces on the loop strip on diapers but I cannot replace Grovia’s.

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