cloth diaper elastics

Cloth Diaper Elastics: using your senses to inspect cloth diaper elastics!

Problems with cloth diaper elastics? Diapers looking a little rough? Are they not fitting on the legs like the should? Did you compare it to a new diaper and think “Wowzers! This thing looks terrible!”? You probably know the answer (or suspect it) if you’re reading this. Let’s take a look at those cloth diaper elastics! Here’s some points to pondeR: The diaper’s use.  The elastics can go quickly because they’re being used more frequently. For example, favorite diaper Read More

Cloth Diaper Repair Specialist

Finding A Cloth Diaper Repair Specialist

Your precious fluff: pretty, lovable, glorified poop catchers. We (cloth moms) spend a ton of money on diapers. Especially when it comes to “hard to find” and “limited edition” prints ( I’m guilty). You do not want to risk messing them up repairing and you do not want to send them to anyone who could possibly ruin them, right? Yeah girl, I know! So if you decided to hire a cloth diaper repair specialist, I’m going to help you select Read More

Why I Don't Make Homemade Cleaners

Why I Don’t Make Homemade Cleaners

We all like to experiment in our own ways. I enjoy trying to take on everything and especially when it comes to saving money. Except, I spent way more money and the “cleaner” did not clean… so I will never make mass amount of anything homemade again. I had never tried to make homemade laundry detergent. The reason why: I discovered couponing a year or so into our marriage. I would snag good name brand detergent CHEAP! *And I Read More