How to Start Using Cloth Diapers

We all begin somewhere in our journey to become cloth diapering parents. I’m always hearing from non cloth interested parents, “How do I start using cloth diapers?” Well, you just do. But let me explain.


Yep. Pesky research because when I throw words like “wicking” or “snappi” at you when you’re asking me how to start using cloth diapers, you’re going to think I have lost my mind. You need to know the types of diapers there are now and fibers. We have moved wayyyyyyy beyond prefolds, pins, and rubber pants.

Don’t overthink.

Right?! Because you’re reading a ton of great information and there’s a lot to learn and think about. But seriously. Just don’t overthink it. And I know that I’m the world’s worst to think and think (and think and think) on the pros and cons before I actually go through with something. Just buy a diaper you think you may like and try it! I personally LOVE Grovia diapers. But that’s a story for another day.

My Experience.

When I began using cloth diapers with my daughter in 2013, I read EVERYTHING I could find out there and thought I had it all but 2 weeks later I found out that I really didn’t get it all and could have caused MAJOR problems for my baby’s tiny tushie. I didn’t know microfiber couldn’t go against the skin. Thank goodness I was using Gerber prefolds and brand new clearance covers! Seriously. I used flip covers and Gerber prefolds because I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into it because I was trying to save us money so I could stay home with my baby.

For once, I didn’t overthink and just tried and guess what? I learned. The best way to find what you like it to try a little of everything! Write down how to wash them, pick a diaper, get a few, get a wet bag (everyone should have one and you can see why here), and TRY IT! You may love it!

On a side note, don’t use cheap Gerber prefolds like I did. Which they ended up making great burp cloths and cleaning rags. But I could have went to a different section of Walmart and been WAYYYYYY happier and spent less money by purchasing flour sack towels (FST) —see another abbreviation!

Where do I get my Information?!

Any cloth diaper manufacture’s website is going to tell you how to start using cloth diapers. Like I said before, my favorite brand is Grovia. It took years to find and I never tried it with my daughter and I sooooo wish I would have!


Dirty Diaper Laundry

The Fluffy Penguin Company’s Chart Comparison of Diapers

History of Cloth Diapering — just for fun!

Kelly’s Closet was always a favorite but after 15+ years, they’re gone 😭

As always, feel free to message me on Facebook or email me! I remember how overwhelming but exciting it was to start using cloth diapers!

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