GroVia Snap Conversion

Grovia Snap Conversion

Did you have a snap break on your grovia diaper?

is your hook and loop no longer sticky?

Or Have you ever thought about having your Grovia diapers customized but have no idea what would look good?

Whether its snaps breaking, hook and loop panels loosing their sticky, or you’re just wanting to customize
your GroVia diapers, I’ve got you covered.!

Note, I cannot use GroVia snaps (size 22’s) I do not have access to them but only to size 20’s with all the colors. If you don’t like all of them not being the same size or maybe there isn’t a good match, then there’s always the option to replace all the snaps and this is what I recommend.

Here’s a picture of a few customized diapers that a client just wanted redone for customization And I will say, I LOVED THEM!

Govia Snap Conversions

Here’s a picture of a Kiwi Grovia diaper that I snap converted. You can see the match of the snap kiwi next to it.

Grovia Snap Conversion

And here’s a panel removal diaper freshly snap converted and customized with some orange snaps!

Grovia Snap Conversion

A little back story on me:

 I always wanted to customize my cloth diapers but couldn’t stimulate any ideas as to what would look good. Believe it or not, my creativity is lacking at times. And I used BG & Flips but when it came to solid colors, I really wished I would have explored instead of staying standard. Now given, on my fixer upper lot, I only ordered white snaps because I wanted so bad to get them on the bum and just converted them.
Have you ever heard the saying, “hindsight is 20/20?” Well yeah…that’s kind of where I was.

So believe me, I know how insanely overwhelming it can be to want to customize but have
NO FLIPPIN’ CLUE where to stimulate ideas from!

That’s why I created The Ultimate Guide to GroVia Snap Conversions. That way, when the hook and loop is shot on your diaper and you need conversions, you can have ideas. I want snap choices listed on the paper you send in but *some* don’t have matches with my supplier. but it’s totally ok because with this, you know theres no match and you know you need to be finding an alternative or send it in for Grovia.

If you’re wondering if you need this now, well do you plan on getting your diapers snap converted by me or anyone else? Because if so, the answer is yes!

This is 49 different PDF’s updated every other month with new snap pictures! And you’ll be shocked at all the content and the price!

You can get more info —> here.

Or you can go here to just buy it because you know you want it –> here.

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