My Top 3 Natural Cleaner Recipes

Who doesn’t love using natural cleaner recipes to clean your home? I love essential oils and using them in our home! My essential oil love began after using cloth diapers when my daughter was a month old. We have avoided colds, stomach bugs, flus, and lots of other viruses using Young Living’s Thieves oil. Now, I’m going to share my love of essential oils and natural cleaners I use throughout our house with you. So here’s Read More

Why I Don't Make Homemade Cleaners

Why I Don’t Make Homemade Cleaners

We all like to experiment in our own ways. I enjoy trying to take on everything and especially when it comes to saving money. Except, I spent way more money and the “cleaner” did not clean… so I will never make mass amount of anything homemade again. I had never tried to make homemade laundry detergent. The reason why: I discovered couponing a year or so into our marriage. I would snag good name brand detergent CHEAP! *And I Read More