About Me


I’m a wife, mama, cloth diaper fixer, seamstress, farm girl, EMT,
lover of essential oils, natural mama, and a coupon lover.
I try to take on everything!
But you’re probably wondering, “what’s her favorite thing?”

Well y’all, my favorite thing is my family.
They come first and always have.
It is very rewarding for me to be a wife and a mother.

My second favorite thing is to sew.
I learned the skill at a young age.
I used it only when I needed it until my baby girl was born in 2013.newborn-with-watermark
Since then, I have made a variety of things, repaired both of my kids cloth diapers, fixed neighbor’s clothes, and even made  some cloth diapers.

When I opened my business in 2016, I had every intention of making things to sell but that is not what happened. I repaired diapers for a friend who then told a group of cloth mamas.
That was it… I took off!

I’ve been called the “Diaper Flipper” and told I need my own show.
To me, there is something so special about getting a piece of fluff in the mail that looks gone.  By gone I mean: shot elastics, hook and loop tabs or strips that have no stick, snaps that have fallen off, etc. And yet when I send it home, it looks like it is brand new. Springy elastics with perfect lengths, snaps that are functioning, and hook and loop fully functional.
I get as excited (if not more) about mamas receiving their diapers!
I have the advantage that other seamstresses do not have.
I used cloth diapers with my daughter who is now potty trained (cue the confetti).
And I’m currently using them with my son.
I even made lots of diapers and inserts.
I understand the importance of cloth.
I understand the love of cloth.
To not have them fully functional and working, absolutely drove me crazy.
I understand the addiction to buying and using them, having cute fluff on the bum, and actually loving laundry (guilty here).
No one understands like this mama that used and loved her cloth.