How to Start Using Cloth Diapers

We all begin somewhere in our journey to become cloth diapering parents. I’m always hearing from non cloth interested parents, “How do I start using cloth diapers?” Well, you just do. But let me explain. Research. Yep. Pesky research because when I throw words like “wicking” or “snappi” at you when you’re asking me how to start using cloth diapers, you’re going to think I have lost my mind. You need to know the types Read More

cloth diapers leaking

Why are my cloth diapers leaking?!

are your cloth diapers leaking? Well first let me say, that’s not good at all. But lets walk through and troubleshoot some potential problems.   Are your inserts not absorbing or leaking? First, examine your fabric. Microfiber inserts can hold a lot of pee, but one squish of the bum (sitting down or picking up baby), and it will leak. This is called compression leaks. Microfiber will hold a lot and even past its point but as Read More

Cloth Diaper Frugally

How to Cloth Diaper Frugally

Frugal. My way of life. Budgets and pinching pennies! But I wouldn’t live life any other way! This is the main reason I began my cloth diapering journey…  so here is a little backstory on me: When I started using cloth, it was to save money. Sure we could have bought disposables and just done without other things but at the time, but I wanted to stay home with my daughter. I was a stay at Read More

Grovia Snap Conversion

GroVia Snap Conversion

Did you have a snap break on your grovia diaper? is your hook and loop no longer sticky? Or Have you ever thought about having your Grovia diapers customized but have no idea what would look good? Whether its snaps breaking, hook and loop panels loosing their sticky, or you’re just wanting to customize your GroVia diapers, I’ve got you covered.! Note, I cannot use GroVia snaps (size 22’s) I do not have access to them but only to size Read More

Why to Cloth Diaper

Why To Cloth Diaper

Have you been thinking about why you should or shouldn’t use cloth diapers? I’m here to give you reasons why to cloth diaper. Maybe you just don’t know why you should do it or maybe a friend pointed you to this post for you to see how amazing it is. Who knows? But I care that you are here! If you’ve been reading all about cloth diapers and found an overwhelming amount of information that has your Read More

Strip Cloth Diapers

Stripping Cloth Diapers: the when & how

Stripping cloth diapers can be intimidating. Not to mention the question of when you need to do it or how to do it. OR if you’re new to the game, you’re probably like “STRIPPING?! What the heck is that?!” So let’s break this down after some basic stuff: Stripping diapers is not the way to get them clean. It’s a way to bring them back to life and a correction process to issues your diapers Read More

Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing Cloth Diapers: a solid wash routine

Washing cloth diapers is simple. Always remember the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid. My all time favorite saying (sarcasm) when telling someone they should try cloth is, “I  don’t want to do cloth diapers because it’s extra washing.” Nope. It’s not. Let me give you the break down of my routine and the “why’s” and I can help you build your solid routine! Mine: I washed 2-3 times a week. I used Tide detergent Read More

Why I Skipped the Rice Cereal

Why I Skipped the Rice Cereal

With lots of questions around this topic lately, I will give you my reasons why I chose to not give rice cereal. The first reason why I chose not to do rice cereal is because it leaves your baby feeling full. To me this is a fake full. I would have rather my daughter ate another serving of vegetables,  fruits, or even nursed nonstop than to let her get full with something that has zero nutritional Read More


My Top 3 Natural Cleaner Recipes

Who doesn’t love using natural cleaner recipes to clean your home? I love essential oils and using them in our home! My essential oil love began after using cloth diapers when my daughter was a month old. We have avoided colds, stomach bugs, flus, and lots of other viruses using Young Living’s Thieves oil. Now, I’m going to share my love of essential oils and natural cleaners I use throughout our house with you. So here’s Read More

Shaving Grovia Diaper Panel Aplix

How to Shave a Grovia Diaper Panel

So today let’s talk about shaving that Grovia Diaper panel on hook and loop closures. It’s super easy to do and a lot of people have asked me how to shave the Grovia diaper panel and I’m totally going to teach you today! So hook & loop diapers are pretty awesome for diapering newborns. Not so much when you have a 14 month old streaker… am I right? Heck, my daughter figured out how to rip Read More